Traveling on a Cruise for Love?

Hello Vacation Goers!

Are you planning a trip on a cruise ship? They are a ton of fun and the ships on the open seas nowadays, are bigger, better, & a blast! There is so much to do on a cruise. Plenty of food to eat, pools to swim in, shows to see, games to play, and of course Relaxing.

Cruising is great for people who want to visit multiple destinations in one vacation. This way, you might pick one of these stops for your next vacation or visit again on another cruise. You may purchase your excursions on the Cruise company’s website or on the ship. I would suggest, if you purchase excursions on the ship, pick which ones & purchase them quickly before they sell out. Some popular ones, like swimming with dolphins or stingrays, can sell out due to the small amount of people allowed for the time slot.

Be sure to check out some of the shows or lounge bars. These can be extremely entertaining for the whole family. For the adult cruisers, once you get out to international waters, the casino opens! The dealers seem to be a lot more “Helpful” (wink, wink) so don’t be afraid to jump on a card table or craps table! Most ships have free gambling classes for most table games.

On last thing, if you are flying to your departure city, be sure to set up your transportation through the cruise company so they know your itinerary. If you fly into Houston to cruise out of Galveston, it is about an hour & half ride to the ship. So if there is a flight delay or any kind of travel issues, the cruise company will know about it and hold the ship if they need to.

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